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27th March 2012

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Harry Potter Fic: Living on Wildfires [Marauder Era, R] →


So, there was a prompt at the Could Have Beens AU Comment Ficathon (which is great fun, you guys should check it out) that read as follows: “Dumbledore/Grindelwald; Ariana doesn’t die, Dumbledore sticks with Grindelwald.” And what I intended to do was…look at it and then look away, honestly. What I’m actually doing is more or less a re-envisioning of the entire HP canon, set in the Marauder era, that works around this concept and what such a change might have wrought. This is the first part, and if things go according to plan, there will be two more.

Like Harry Potter, this is a war story; unlike Harry Potter, it is very up-front about that fact. I’m going to call this one a choose-not-to-warn experience, because there are things I am dealing with within for the sole reason that the books set them up and didn’t deal with them; please proceed with due caution. 

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    Ack, I feel like you took a knife and carved out my insides. This is so well done and chilling and, argh, so beautiful...
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  13. celli-inkblots said: this is so. just. I am so hollow and this is so good. how you find the time to churn out amazingness I have no idea <3